New Mods and Rank Upgrades

New Mods and Rank Upgrades

For the past 2 days we’ve opened applications for new Mods and Admins, in this time we received 48 applications out of which we picked 5 new Mods and 2 rank upgrades from Mod to Admin.
First, I’d like to thank you all for applying and for the honest feedback, we received some really good ideas and suggestions on how to improve the server, I’ll mention them lower in this post. Unfortunately we couldn’t accept all your applications, we decided to pick 5 new Mods today and 5 more in the following days from the current submissions.

How we picked the new Mods

Me (Tazz), and 2 Head Admins (xhamace and Killerturcky) all went through the applications and each picked a list of the ones we considered best suited to become mods.
After that, we combined our lists to see what applications were chosen by all of us, next we chose the applications selected by 2 of us.

Shortly put, if your application was among the favorites of at least 2 reviewers, you get Mod rank. The reviewers were obviously me, Killerturcky and xhamace.
The results were 3 applications selected by all of us and 2 applications selected by of us, overall we got 5 new Mods.

We took all answers into consideration, but mostly the ones where you could write personal experiences and feedback for the server, such as Why do you want to be part of the staff?How would you help the server if you were Mod/Admin? and What do you consider the server’s biggest problem right now?

Why these questions? Because it would show us how willing you are to dedicate time to become part of the team as well as how well you understand the server, its needs and problems.

Age was not important, our youngest new mod is 10 years old.

Who are the new Mods and Admins

The order is not relevant, here are our 5 new Mods:

As I mentioned earlier, we will pick 5 more Mods until Wednesday, in the meantime you can update your answers in the poll here. New applications are welcome too, although we won’t be promoting as there are plenty of people already.

If you think you deserve to be mod, but you haven’t explained well enough why, now’s your chance to update your answers.

I also mentioned 2 Mods got upgraded to Admins, let’s congratulate them:


Here are some stats we gathered from everyone who applied to become a Moderator. We will comment these at a later date, as well as some of the great suggestions and feedback we received from you:

New Mods and Rank Upgrades New Mods and Rank Upgrades New Mods and Rank Upgrades New Mods and Rank Upgrades New Mods and Rank Upgrades New Mods and Rank Upgrades

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