• Bomber Kit
  • Chameleon Kit

Chameleon Kit


Weapons & Ammo:

  • Crossbow
  • Arrow x20
  • Explosive Arrow x6
  • Cobra
  • Cobra Box x3
  • Civilian Ammunition Box x3
  • C4 x2
  • Machete
  • Green Smoke x2
  • Flashbang x4


  • Alicepack
  • Green Balaclava
  • Forest Military Helmet
  • Green Parka
  • Cargo Pants
  • Forest Military Vest
  • Military Night Vision


  • Rangefinder
  • Military Nightvision Scope
  • Military Muzzle
  • Tactical Laser


  • Medkit x5
  • MRE x4


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