25.00 15.00

  • Reserved Slot on the server
  • 1000 experience on revive
  • Builder Kit
  • Gas Kit
  • [VIP] name tag and color in game
  • Ability to spawn vehicles (10 min cooldown)
  • maxskills command (5 min cooldown)
  • 1 Free Premium Kit, choose it below



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Is this rank available on all servers?
Yes, you buy it once and have it available on all our PvP Servers!
For how long do I get to keep this VIP rank?
Ranks, just like kits are yours to keep forever. Pay once,
use them forever!
What vehicles can I spawn?
You can spawn any vehicle you want, just type in game/v vehicle_id
Can I transfer this rank to another account?
We will only accept transfer requests to another account you own if something happened to your main account and you cannot access it anymore. You cannot transfer ranks to other players.
How long does it take for me to receive this rank once I placed the order?
Since all orders are processed manually by me, it may take up to 24 hours. In most situations it’s much faster.
Can I refund my VIP Rank?
Yes, if for any reason you don’t want to keep this rank¬†anymore, you can apply for a refund in 3 days since you purchased the kit.

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