Whether you are a Mod, Admin or Head-Admin, we should all follow some general guidelines in order to provide our players with the best experience. These should help you get an idea of how you should act in most common situations you will face as a staff member. Feel free to add suggestions in the comment section  if you want to improve the guidelines.

For those of you who don’t know, the main reason why I started my own Unturned Server was due to abusive admins on other servers I’ve played and donated on. I found it unacceptable to support and love a server, and in return to be treated like shit by the staff members. The idea was to build a good PvP server with friendly and fair admins, so do your best to be a part of it.

#1 Do not aboooose!

This one is self-explanatory, by abuse we understand breaking any of the admin rules. Staff commands are not for your entertainment, we do not give staff ranks to anyone as personal favors, please understand that you should only use these commands in the benefit of the server, not yourself or your friends.

I can give many examples of how you can wrongly use these commands:

  • /spy – most common abuse from mods (but common to higher ranks too) is when they are using /spy command to find players when they have no reason to suspect them of glitching or hacking. Here we’ve seen situations where staff members would spy on players to kill them after they’ve died to a player, to find bases and raid them later or just to spy and quickly press the Spy button again and again in order to make the player lag and disconnect.
  • /teleport – most common mistake made by admins, they are using /teleport instead of /tpa to remove the waiting time for /tpa accept. You should only use /teleport when you are checking for glitchers or hackers, I can’t think of any other situation where using this command makes sense. Teleport command should only be used together with /vanish, so players will have no reason to suspect you.
  • /god – some admins are checking for glitched bases in god mode without being vanished. Players might see you and it’s understandable why they would try to kill you. We don’t want to raise flags and make players suspect that staff members are using god mode in other situations as well, this is why you should always be vanished when you’re using god mode. Killing while in god mode is so obvious that it doesn’t need an explanation and why it’s bad.
  • /vanish – some situations where admins used /vanish abusively were when they were spying on other players to help their friends in a raid or PvP battle. Even worse, some of them accepted /tpa requests while being vanished, giving a huge advantage in battle to their friends. Vanish is a powerful command that should never be used for personal reasons, only for helping the server (against hackers/glitchers).
  • /mute – some staff members mute some players from first mistake, while ignoring or letting their friends break the rules. It’s ok if you want to forgive a player and not to mute him, but don’t do it just because some of them are your friends. If you want to be staff, you have to be fair to everyone, both to those whom you like or dislike

#2 Be Friendly and Polite 🙂

Many staff members complained that they get no respect in game and often people are ignoring them. From my experience, respect is not earned. Upgrading you to a higher rank won’t fix the problem, players respect people, not ranks. How to earn respect?

Be polite! Talk to players like you would talk to someone you respect, don’t use authority as a way of convincing them to obey the rules. Use “please” and “thank you” as much as possible, don’t talk to players like their inferior in any way. And more important, don’t be a douchebag in PvP or when players ask for help. No matter how much you like or dislike them, you have to act mature and responsible.

Here are some examples:

  • Guys, please speak english only in World Chat or I’ll have to mute you
  • You are not allowed to do that, it’s against the rules
  • I’m a bit busy now, I’ll check after
  • It’s just regular PvP, staff can take part in it
  • Well played, guys!
  • Warning #1 / ENGLISH ONLY
  • I’ll ban you if you do that/if you don’t do what I say
  • Stop spamming me, I’ll do it when I want
  • You suck!
  • Cry me a river!
  • GG EZ

These are just few examples that crossed my mind, the list is likely to expand. The main idea is that you can send the same message in different ways, it is recommended that you use the polite way. If you find this too hard, you don’t have to be part of the staff. We’re looking for players who can act mature and do not take things personal.
Over time you will see how more and more players will not only respect you, but also support you and the rules against those who break them.

#3 Discipline, not punishment

Our goal is to educate players, to make them understand the rules and not to break them out of respect and love for the server. I know this sounds fancy, but at the same time I know I wouldn’t do anything to harm a server I truly enjoy playing on. With so many glitchers nowadays, we have to start asking questions, especially if you happen to know the player who glitched. What made so many players build glitched bases lately?
My opinion is that there is no safe way to build a base, so for everyone who doesn’t have unlimited access to powerful loot it might just be the only solution.

What I mean by discipline instead of punishment, you have to understand that a player who is convinced to respect the rules is much more “valuable” to us than a banned player. Your goal as staff is not to ban as many people as possible, the server is not getting any benefits from having a huge list of banned players. Instead, the server benefits from having a community of players who respect the rules not because of the punishments, but because they are convinced that breaking the rules will lead to a poor gaming experience for everyone.

When someone mistakes, if you consider that warning or discussing with a player instead of banning him is more beneficial, then I support it. Rules are made to “scare” players from what might happen if they break them, but we can always go for better solutions.

I have been told many times by staff members “Hey Tazz, I banned 5 glitchers today“, but that does not necessarily make you a good admin. We are not on the hunt of players who break the rules, we are closer to being teachers to them.

#4 We are all players

Please understand that we are all players, we are not a higher race and those with a lower rank are somehow weaker. If a player is being disrespectful to you, you should treat him as if he would disrespect any other player. There is no such thing as staff disrespect!
If a player would curse or swear at another player on the server, you wouldn’t ban him. Chances are you wouldn’t even mute him, maybe you would just warn him. So I expect you to do the same when a player is being disrespectful to you.

Don’t take things personal, many people rage in game, we probably all did on plenty of situations. Personally, I always ignore those who talk shit about me unless they do it continuously for a long time. At that point, I will just mute them. Banning them would be overreacting!

Remember, treat yourself like you would treat any other player. Treat players like you would like to be treated by a higher authority.

#5 Don’t start a fight or take part in a fight with another Staff member

In game, we all represent the server. We cannot afford to have internal fights on the server!
For every problem that might appear, you either take it in private or we can discuss it on UnturnedLord Staff channel on Discord.

We have to be the ones who solve problems for the players, not those who start them.

#6 We are problem solvers

There will always appear situations that are not covered by the rules. Our goal is to fix the problems, nothing more. You will understand what I mean from some examples:

  • we had a situation where a player would spam a staff member with private messages. Unfortunately the /mute command does not restrict access to private messages, so muting the player would not fix the issue. Long story short, the player was banned for 6 days. Of course banning the player was solving the problem, meaning the guy who had been already warned multiple times would no longer be able to spam, but why 6 days? What makes us think the player would continuously spam for 6 days? In reality, a short ban for few minutes or maybe even up to an hour would send the right message and still solve the problem. 6 days was a punishment, 15 minutes would have been a lesson.
  • other situations are where an admin would ban other players for swearing him in Steam Chat, Skype, Discord or other private channels. It’s clearly overreacting and not solving the problem, we do not punish players in game for what happens outside the server. If a player curses you on Steam, Skype or Discord, block him. Problem solved! No need to overreact and punish them in game.

#7 When you are not sure what to do, ask

Uncommon situations will rise up all the time, if are not sure of certain things, consult with your fellow staff members. Someone with more experience might be able to help you. Either way, you are the only one responsible for your actions, so you can do as you see fit. But there are higher changes of doing mistakes if you don’t consult others.

If you are unsure if a player hacks, don’t ban. Get someone to help you if you need more proof, don’t act solely on your guts.


I’ll try to expand this page based on your feedback, suggestions and whatever else crosses my mind from the situations we encounter.

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