Both players and admins often tell me “I didn’t know I was not allowed to do that”, so I decided to make a page with Rules and Commands available to both players and admins. So I decided to make a single page that will contain all the rules and commands available, nobody can complain from now on.

Admin Rules

#1 Do not abuse any of the commands for PvP

#2 Only use /teleport, /ascend, /descend when you are vanished

#3 Do not accept TPA requests while vanished

#4 Do not threaten players

#5 Do not use admin status to demand stuff

#6 Warn players before kicking or muting them

#7 Do not use /teleport, /vanish or /god unless you are checking for hackers or glitchers

#8 All player rules apply to admins too

#9 Do not raid or kill people which you spied on (/spy)

Player Rules

#1 Do not use any hacks or glitches (ban)

#2 No offensive content in chat (kick/mute/ban)

#3 Don’t ask admins for items, teleports or favors (kick/mute)

#4 Don’t promote other servers or websites (mute/kick/ban)

#5 Don’t send false accusations of admins

#6 You should share screen (Steam Broadcast, Skype, etc.) if admins request it to make sure you are not hacking. Refusing to do so or disconnecting will get you banned. 

Note:Regarding false accusations, please note that heal, spawning items are disabled for admins too. If someone is claiming an admin spawned weapons for himself it can only be a lie, since the command is disabled. Admins will very rarely use god mode, and that is only when they are vanished for checking glitchers and hackers.

Admin Commands

/teleport p1/p2 = teleports player1 to player2

/ban player = bans player permanently

/ban player reason time = bans player with reason for the set time

/kick player = kicks player from the server

/slay player = kills and then bans the player

/say “message” = will type message in game as the server

/mute player time= mutes the player for set time

/unmute player = removes mute of player

/vanish = makes you invisible (sometimes it glitches)

/god = makes you invincible (only used for checking hackers)

/spy player = takes screenshot of player screen

/checkowner – while near a structure, this will give the ID of who placed it

/ascend X = teleports you X meters up

/descend X = teleports you X meters down

Player Commands

/p = shows available permissions

/rules = displays the rules

/home = teleports you to your bed

/tpa player = sends a teleport request to player

/tpa accept = accepts a teleport request

/tpa deny = denies a teleport request

/kits = shows available kits

/kit name = will spawn a kit (ex: /kit bandit)

/vote = shows if you voted or not for the server

/reward = get reward for voting for server

/v vehicle_id = spawn vehicle (vor VIPs only)

/vault = Opens your vault

/rank = Displays your rank

/list = Displays highest ranking players on the server

/pm name message= Send private message to a player

/r message = Reply to last player who messaged you

/isgod name = checks if that player is using God Mode

/isvanish name = checks if that player is in vanish


How to use admin/moderator commands in Unturned: 

Time now allows using abbreviations, such as for seconds, for minutes, d for days.

/ban player “reason goes here” time = this is the correct way of banning someone for a limited time while giving the reason. You have to use these ” “

Example: /ban Tazz “For glitching through walls” 5d = this would ban me for 5 days. By default, /ban uses 3 days.

Example: /ban Tazz “Using ESP” = permanent ban while giving reason.  It is exactly the same for /slay

/kick player “reason goes here” = kick the player and sending him the reason too.

Example: /kick Tazz “change your name, it’s not allowed”

Don’t forget to use ” ” as in the examples above, otherwise it won’t work when there is a space in the reason or name.

For names that also contain spaces, you need to wrap both the name and reason in ” “. Example:
/ban “Chris. P Bacon” “You have a glitched base” 10d

These are all for now, I’ll update the list as we add or remove permissions or commands. Feel free to post below if you have any questions.

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