Both players and admins often tell me “I didn’t know I was not allowed to do that”, so I decided to make a page with Rules and Commands available to both players and admins. So I decided to make a single page that will contain all the rules and commands available, nobody can complain from now on.

Admin Rules

#1 Do not abuse any of the commands for PvP

#2 Only use /teleport, /ascend, /descend when you are vanished

#3 Do not accept TPA requests while vanished

#4 Do not threaten players

#5 Do not use admin status to demand stuff

#6 Warn players before kicking or muting them

#7 Do not use /teleport, /vanish or /god unless you are checking for hackers or glitchers

#8 All player rules apply to admins too

#9 Do not raid or kill people which you spied on (/spy)

Player Rules

#1 Do not use any hacks or glitches (ban)

#2 No offensive content in chat (kick/mute/ban)

#3 Don’t ask admins for items, teleports or favors (kick/mute)

#4 Don’t promote other servers or websites (mute/kick/ban)

#5 Don’t send false accusations of admins

#6 You should share screen (Steam Broadcast, Skype, etc.) if admins request it to make sure you are not hacking. Refusing to do so or disconnecting will get you banned. 

Note:Regarding false accusations, please note that heal, spawning items are disabled for admins too. If someone is claiming an admin spawned weapons for himself it can only be a lie, since the command is disabled. Admins will very rarely use god mode, and that is only when they are vanished for checking glitchers and hackers.

Admin Commands

/teleport p1/p2 = teleports player1 to player2

/ban player = bans player permanently

/ban player reason time = bans player with reason for the set time

/kick player = kicks player from the server

/slay player = kills and then bans the player

/say “message” = will type message in game as the server

/mute player time= mutes the player for set time

/unmute player = removes mute of player

/vanish = makes you invisible (sometimes it glitches)

/god = makes you invincible (only used for checking hackers)

/spy player = takes screenshot of player screen

/checkowner – while near a structure, this will give the ID of who placed it

/ascend X = teleports you X meters up

/descend X = teleports you X meters down

Player Commands

/p = shows available permissions

/rules = displays the rules

/home = teleports you to your bed

/tpa player = sends a teleport request to player

/tpa accept = accepts a teleport request

/tpa deny = denies a teleport request

/kits = shows available kits

/kit name = will spawn a kit (ex: /kit bandit)

/vote = shows if you voted or not for the server

/reward = get reward for voting for server

/v vehicle_id = spawn vehicle (vor VIPs only)

/vault = Opens your vault

/rank = Displays your rank

/list = Displays highest ranking players on the server

/pm name message= Send private message to a player

/r message = Reply to last player who messaged you

/isgod name = checks if that player is using God Mode

/isvanish name = checks if that player is in vanish


How to use admin/moderator commands in Unturned: 

Time now allows using abbreviations, such as for seconds, for minutes, d for days.

/ban player “reason goes here” time = this is the correct way of banning someone for a limited time while giving the reason. You have to use these ” “

Example: /ban Tazz “For glitching through walls” 5d = this would ban me for 5 days. By default, /ban uses 3 days.

Example: /ban Tazz “Using ESP” = permanent ban while giving reason.  It is exactly the same for /slay

/kick player “reason goes here” = kick the player and sending him the reason too.

Example: /kick Tazz “change your name, it’s not allowed”

Don’t forget to use ” ” as in the examples above, otherwise it won’t work when there is a space in the reason or name.

For names that also contain spaces, you need to wrap both the name and reason in ” “. Example:
/ban “Chris. P Bacon” “You have a glitched base” 10d

These are all for now, I’ll update the list as we add or remove permissions or commands. Feel free to post below if you have any questions.

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What is considered a glitched base




When will end the cooldown i can’t use trial vip?

Why i got banned to server US2 UnturnedLORD for mutliplayer i have only a acc and is with name Lyrical-Warfare?

Hello can I talk to admin or preferably the owner??? Thank u


is racial allowhed a player with the name Joker is german haiter and he always tipe stfu i dont know what it means but hey

This morning I got a ban for an illegal base. It was not my database of some guy Nick can’t remember told Teleport and me here left put the sleeping bag and walked out. I did not know that this is not allowed, he said is safe and nothing will happen. I got a ban on all [EU] Unfortunately I do not remember the name of this guy because he had some Chinese characters and had to teleport under the name russ

I am Polish and using translation so I apologize for that. well . . . you’re right it’s my membrane bed but not my database because if you already know who is this bed is also to find out who these plates. the date of the advice to check the players for cheating? because I do not remember the name already a few players but I have observed strange behavior such as I was behind the fence excelled in the fence I wrote home that was on the tower and he suddenly excelled on the towers. gives the example, but… Read more »




Tazz are you going to reset experience since it is bugged and people have billions xp?


I was thinking of making the Experience loss on death 100% for few days until everyone gets back at 0.
What do you think?


Well I see the server got reset


Experience is still bugged tho


Yes, I am aware of it. I had to reset EU3 only because it was bugged very badly and couldn’t be fixed.
Regarding the experience bug, it’s actually from Rocket and there’s no fix yet.

In the meantime, everyone can enjoy a ton of exp 🙂


Wow, If I get falsely accused of abusing Imma flip s*** because I didn`t do anything wrong. I hope they were serious when they said they were joking because I didn`t anything wrong.

I was putting spikes around my base in arlington when I get kicked just like that : ” Youre not on PEI dummy ”
Like seriously? Who the heck kicks like that without warning?
I try to get back in to see why I got kicked and it says im banned.
What the ****? Seriously?
This “Admin” could’ve at least warned me or tell me I couldn’t do that.
This is a joke.

In US2


Hey awpwg,

I was online when you got banned. The reason for that is not putting spikes, is because you are using the Fake Screenshot for Spy hack.
When Pink (the admin who banned you), it showed a screenshot from PEI, even though you were playing on Washington.

You probably even forgot about that hack you’re using 😀

Hey Tazz
What the heck is spy hack? And how would a “spy hack” change your map… This is nonsense.
You probably did a mistake. I NEVER use hacks, and the server is VAC secure so only a dumb person would use them.
I still don’t understand how a hack CAN or would change the map to PEI to spy on players on WASHINGTON.
Blatantly accusing me of hacking is not a reason to ban me.
It was probably a visual mistake from your side.


You have to understand 2 things: 1) This is a private server. We can ban anyone who breaks the rules. 2) There is no mistake, I’ve seen this hack at least 50 times so far. Why people use it is beyond me. If you really are curious I can show you the proof, altough this is not the right place. You should post on the forum, in the Unban section. If you have the curiosity of checking the Forum, on Unban request section you will see how many people act like you (I don’t know why I was ban, I… Read more »

I’m not gonna cry and ask you to unban me, you do a great job haha
That’s why I love this server, good work 🙂


If it helps you, the default ban duration is 30 days, not unlimited. So you could play again in one month.
Also I don’t usually interfere when it comes to unban requests, if Pink (the admin who banned you) decides to give you a second chance it’s up to him.

You could post on the unban request section, what happens next is beyond me 🙂

i just bought super vip and now i dont have it its been 3 days plz help taz i love the server and i decided to support it and then when i go on the server a cant spawn cars or anything or do the kits im just wondering if you are able to give me the super vip plz because its hard for me to get 30$ im just a 12 year old that cant make money so please do something about it (my steam name is dayaaflols btw)


Hello Luqman,

I understand your frustration and I’m with you, but if you haven’t received it there must be an issue because I process all orders in less than 24h.
I have found your user on the website, but I cannot find any payments from you.

Don’t worry, we’ll solve this today. Add me on Steam so we can talk, I will need your PayPal email address so I can check.
This is my profile:

the same thing happened to me


How old is your payment, TTS? Found it. yours was made less than 2h ago and I have just added it.
As I mentioned before, I process all orders manually.

it all work out thank you so much

rabbit boy

I got bann for no reason cause at one moment he couldnt spy me then after a few while he could spy on me, he thought i was hacking , i dont blame him
but i just want to play on the server on eu3 again


Can you tell me your SteamID64 or name in game so I can check?

rabbit boy

NVM its all a missunderstanding i admit i was hacking im so sorry ill never do it again

who is admin because I need to talk to you


You can recognize admins by their Pink colored names in game.

yeah because a guy named derpy is hacking as he knew exactally where we were and that we were raiding him and from where he stood a the wall we blew down with a hells fury and his aimbot locked on to us killing all of our team


Tazz can you contact me on steam (KingHaeda) or on email ( its important


I sent you a friend request on Steam


Bought VIP and some other kits but it seems like it’s not verified yet


When was that?


Been sorted out thanks!


Great! 🙂
Thanks for supporting the server!


I bought VIP+ it was in sale like it is now i payed US pay pal dollars making it like 34$ and the purchase hasn’t gone through yet and i can’t do any kits or do any VIP+ commands can some one please help me??? i might of done something wrong. IGN: TomsorialKIng ask for skype if ya gonna help :/

Tazz I purchased vip yesterday. I cant spawn cars? Is it bug or what


Sorry about it, I forgot to sync EU and US permissions files. Can you check now?

Yeah I can spawn cars now. Thanks 🙂

I did not do anything wrong admins just stole a car in which he was sentrj guns and admin ban me



I somehow missed this message, sorry. Can you tell me on what server that happened and what was your name in game so I can check?


Awesome Server, with a great and professional support, nice and well balanced kits, and good rules for a functional community. Keep the nice work up!


So I have a question. Me and my friend were playing on EU2 and after yesterday we couldn’t log in anymore, we just tried to go to the corner of the map and the game suddenly just disconnected us. And every time we try to join the server now we just gets a infinitive loading screen. So any clues how to fix this?

Will you guys add a shop on server’s?

got banned for no reason……gg pls unban me my name is [G.E.W.P]ToastBrot or say why i did get banned


Hey, tell me which server and I will check it out

thx for unban me bro

i was banned on eu3

i was banned on eu3


I like the server but i died because a house had a glitch and i falled to the dark. I dont want to give me back my items but pls try to repair that glitch so other players cant fall in this glitch too. My steam name is DarkFlamemaster if there is any answer that you want do. 🙂


Hey, which server?

Edit: Chernarus map had this bug indeed, we had to switch to Washington.

It’s me again , I got banned for ,,combat loggin” but the truth is i spawned on the roof of the O’Leary Prison where DarkoSRB , Rampage and some other people were , i killed one guy and jumped down . On my screen i had 20% hp bleeding because somebody shot me and then in chat it said i left the server which i did not i was just in the air glitched , couldn’t heal or anything . I mean if you don’t think this is true its ok if you don’t want to unban me . Then… Read more »


You are the unluckiest guy ever. Combat logging is punished by kill and kick, not ban. I will fix this when I get home, about 30 min.

Edit: Ok, fixed now. I’ll check it out.

Well, Brock Lesnar used tp to kill us. And stole his stuff back, which we took from him


If you can tell me when this happened and on which server I will gladly check it out.

HI my friend that not it can you tell me your name in game couse i tped to 2 guys who glitched in farm 🙂


Sorry for mix up Tazz did respond to me and his response was great and then some. Incredibly fair and thoughtful owner. best server on unturned handsdown


So i sent you an email expressing my dissatisfaction to how your servers are run and through reading your comments i thought i would get a more prompt response through email clearly i was incorrect. Can you respond to me and either clarify some admins will either change their attitudes or lose admin rights? i’m starting to think you’re as much as joke as the admins on your servers….


I answered you yesterday. Check email, maybe it arrived in spam folder.
I may be a lot of things, but I am definetly serious when it comes to the server.
Feel free to add me on steam if you want to have a more “in-depth” chat:

Edit: Ok, I saw the problem. You entered a wrong email on Contact Form, I answered to someone else 🙂 I’ll forward the mail to your correct email now.


greenhornet is swearing in public chat


Sorry i wasnt trying to offend you and i will try to not swear and i also dont mean to swear at people but just me raging

Ok , for the third time i want to ban appeal . I got banned for saying that Brock is abusing his powers and saying that there’s no fun when he’s on the server. I really don’t see the reason to ban here , it’s just my opinion and you shouldn’t ban .

1) Ok , true . 2) Actually i got muted about 5 times while some people got muted over 50 and i even was talking to Brock in English and told him with these words : ,,Brock do I get a warning first before you mute me because i’m talking English all the time ?” 3) #1 Do not abuse any of the commands for PvP – He used the helicopter and teleport command ( no request ) and #4 Do not threaten players – He threaten and sweared at me several times . But i guess that’s ok cause… Read more »


Hey Beaky,

You should be unbanned now.

Spawning vehicles is not an admin command, you can check the list again. It’s a VIP command and Brock actually donated to be SuperVIP. Regarding teleport, this is a big accusation and I will check it through the logs, it would help me if you can give with aproximation the day this had happened. Regarding his language, I agree with you on this one altough things have improved lately.
Be polite and admins will be polite as well. Otherwise feel free to take a screenshot and send it to me.


Ok Tazz , thank you very much 🙂

Great Owner, the best server ever! Only Brock Lesnar is stupid mwuahahah

Nice , bastard …

I am Beaky and I love this server! Especially Brock Lesnar, he is a good guy and the best admin ever. Brock, if you see this I love you from the bottom of my heart! <3



Shit, I don’t know what to do. Why are there such dumb people on this server? If he is an admin and doesn’t want him killed, why he’s not playing with GodMode? Why if I killed him, he again teleported to the place of his death, looting his body and most likely to kill me? Isn’t that abuse of power in relation to ordinary players? What a ridiculous justification for my ban :I was in the wall…ahaha. Even if from his face it did seem that I was in the wall when he teleported to me again, the most important… Read more »


I really wasn’t in the wall, I don’t even know where he got that from… But where I then write, if not here?


I joined to your server from another account and wrote the player 5dollary why he banned me. He claims that when I killed him I was in the wall. Oh my God -_\\.


TAAAAAZZZZ!!! WTF WITH YOUR FRIENDS ADMIN? I was again banned on the server EU2 due to the fact that killed the player 5dollary on Miltary Base. Please help solve the problem. Why are they acting that way? And actually ban players for no reason


Hi, Tazz. I want to thank you for the ban appeal on your server. I was playing today with my friends. But I would like to ask you something. Can you give Shadow a chance? I’m sure it was a mistake and he banned me by accident. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone should have the chance to fix this. I think that he will faithfully carry out his duty and will never happen again. I hope you will understand me, because I badly speak in English. Shadow is a good person, I’m not holding him insults, he also apologized and… Read more »


Thank you very much:)


Tazz, hello. What about my ban


Tazz, that was last night.
I played with a friend on the server EU2. We tried to climb to the tower in the centre, where sat the campers. I killed one of them and I was banned for 364 days.

hey tazz
it would be awesome if you could make the pictures of the kits new because there is something other in the description then on the photos


I was banned on your server as an admin. But the most interesting that I did nothing wrong
nickname: asd


Hi guys, I was wondering if there was any chance that I could maybe sign up for admin? I have countless hours on EU1 and I read all the rules for admin and I would follow them. If that’s simply not possible for me to become an admin that’s fine i was just wondering because I love your servers but sometimes I see someone who’s spamming chat with pointless things so i could give them a warning and then if they continue i would do my duty. i wont abuse my powers or anything i just think it would be… Read more »

Uhmm sorry, I am banned from the server |lots of kits| or something like that for no reason, I think an admin is abusing others because I saw someone was muting everyone thank kicking some people and now I am banned for 300 000 seconds ,as far I know… That’s 3 months… Can you please unban Wolfy? Thank you for your time.

Hi is there any way i can get in contact with you tazz. there is a player on your server which is very toxic. i will discuss this once you have added me. Thanks Hadezz.


if you add some more free kits, this server would be more amazing

P.S more kits = more fun more fun = more players more players = more popuation = Moneeyyy =)


if you make kit thief with thief clothes with avenger and machete? or desert faclon? or colt? and i suggest (if its possible) to make more place to players (i mean space its always full) would be good 🙂

then build a house in the air is not prohibited ???

hey owner i just read the rules and i went to notice that i killed an admin off duty and he had a grizzly sniper (with best attachments and multiple magazines ) and a honey badger (also with best attachments), multiple drums ,C4 ,mines and food and medic with the best military gear and that all on PEI were no grizzly and honey badger spawn
in the rules is written that the admins aren’t allowed to spawn loot for their own
thats why i wanted to contact you

greetings Max

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