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    EU1 - PvP Unturned PEI Server

    eu.unturnedlord.com : 27025

    US1 - PvP Unturned PEI Server

    us.unturnedlord.com : 27025

    EU2 - PvP Unturned Washington Server

    eu.unturnedlord.com : 27023

    US2 - PvP Unturned Washington Server

    us.unturnedlord.com : 27023

    EU3 - PvP Unturned Russia Server

    eu.unturnedlord.com : 27021

    US3 - PvP Unturned Russia Server

    us.unturnedlord.com : 27021

    EU4 - PvP Unturned Germany Server

    eu.unturnedlord.com : 27027

    US4 - PvP Unturned Germany Server

    us.unturnedlord.com : 27027

    Why you should play on UnturnedLord Servers

    • Non-abusive admins
    • PvP Ranks
    • Best vote rewards
    • Killstreak Announcer

    • Free Kits
    • Free Rank Trials
    • Free Private Vaults
    • Spawn Protection

    was €25
    Mega VIP
    was €35
    Super VIP
    was €55

    And the latest news

    More Mods and some Kits Updates

    More Mods and some Kits Updates

    As mentioned on our previous update, we were going to recruit 5 more mods from the current and new applications. There has been a delay

    New Mods and Rank Upgrades

    New Mods and Rank Upgrades

    For the past 2 days we’ve opened applications for new Mods and Admins, in this time we received 48 applications out of which we picked

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