Donations, Kits and VIPs

Q1: If I donate, will I get the kits on all servers?

A: Yes, every donation will appy to all our existing and future servers.

Q2: Are kits and ranks permanent?

A: Yes, all kits ranks are yours to use for ever. They have cooldowns to keep you from abusing.

Q3: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Currently you can only pay with PayPal on the website, or you can contact me if you want to pay with PaySafeCard.

Q4: Can I refund my payment?

A: On Paypal, yes. So far I have approved all refund requests, but only if it’s in less than 3 days since they bought it. With PaySafeCard, this is not possible as I use them and there is no refund system.

Q5: How long does it take for my order to get processed?

A: All orders are processed manually by me, so depending on this it may take anywhere up to 24h. In most situations it’s few hours.

Q6: Can I change my kits if I no longer like them?

A: No, unfortunately if we don’t get a fully automatic way of adding/swapping kits then it would take too much for me to do this.


General Gameplay

Q1: How often can I vote?

A: You can only vote once per day. Remember to collect your reward.

Q2: How do I get my reward for voting?

A: Once you are on the server, after you have voted, type /reward.

Q3: Is building a glitched base allowed?

A: No, building inside a glitched area is not allowed. If you see one you should report it to an admin.

Q4: If I get banned, can I request to be unbanned?

A: Yes, you should post on the forums. We usually let the admins who banned you to decide whether you deserve one more chance or not. Depending on what happened and if you apologise, you might get unbanned.

Q5: How can I become an admin?

A: We don’t often recruit, but when we do we usually pick from the top active players on the server who have also donated. I only select people who have donated to prevent admin abuse, meaning that if they do abuse they lose their donations as well. In order to become an admin, you first need to be a Moderator. After you have proven yourself as a good Mod, you will be promoted to Admin rank.

Q6: Am I allowed to kill an admin or raid his base?

A: Yes you are, admins do not have any privilleges when it comes to PvP. Unless they clearly mention before that they need to check you or someone else for hacking or glitching, then you are able to do whatever you want. It’s PvP, you can kill anyone you want, that’s the point of the server.
It’s the same for raiding, you can raid any base you want on the map (even your own xD), there are no restrictions.

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