Donations, Kits and VIPs

Q1: If I donate, will I get the kits on all servers?

A: Yes, every donation will appy to all our existing and future servers.

Q2: Are kits and ranks permanent?

A: Yes, all kits ranks are yours to use for ever. They have cooldowns to keep you from abusing.

Q3: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Currently you can only pay with PayPal on the website, or you can contact me if you want to pay with PaySafeCard.

Q4: Can I refund my payment?

A: On Paypal, yes. So far I have approved all refund requests, but only if it’s in less than 3 days since they bought it. With PaySafeCard, this is not possible as I use them and there is no refund system.

Q5: How long does it take for my order to get processed?

A: All orders are processed manually by me, so depending on this it may take anywhere up to 24h. In most situations it’s few hours.

Q6: Can I change my kits if I no longer like them?

A: No, unfortunately if we don’t get a fully automatic way of adding/swapping kits then it would take too much for me to do this.


General Gameplay

Q1: How often can I vote?

A: You can only vote once per day. Remember to collect your reward.

Q2: How do I get my reward for voting?

A: Once you are on the server, after you have voted, type /reward.

Q3: Is building a glitched base allowed?

A: No, building inside a glitched area is not allowed. If you see one you should report it to an admin.

Q4: If I get banned, can I request to be unbanned?

A: Yes, you should post on the forums. We usually let the admins who banned you to decide whether you deserve one more chance or not. Depending on what happened and if you apologise, you might get unbanned.

Q5: How can I become an admin?

A: We don’t often recruit, but when we do we usually pick from the top active players on the server who have also donated. I only select people who have donated to prevent admin abuse, meaning that if they do abuse they lose their donations as well. In order to become an admin, you first need to be a Moderator. After you have proven yourself as a good Mod, you will be promoted to Admin rank.

Q6: Am I allowed to kill an admin or raid his base?

A: Yes you are, admins do not have any privilleges when it comes to PvP. Unless they clearly mention before that they need to check you or someone else for hacking or glitching, then you are able to do whatever you want. It’s PvP, you can kill anyone you want, that’s the point of the server.
It’s the same for raiding, you can raid any base you want on the map (even your own xD), there are no restrictions.

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Not sure if its a glitch on my end but all US servers are now Premium Only servers and only allow first person. Any reason as to why? (Just as a note, if this is permanent, you just killed all your servers.)

How would I refund my payment?


Remember me? I am augustjakobsen1
(The one you and boyey raided on US3 and i started raiding myself) But you were so nice and gave me kit metal to fix my base. And you gave me some pretty op stuff. Thanks

Gunter Smith

Hi i want to buy the heavy kit, it says it will give you a dragonfang but the pictures show nykorevs what gun does it actually give u,i want to check before buying.Also can you make a premium kit that has as a peacemaker in it i would definitely buy.
Thanks i love your servers ☺

Gunter Smith

Thanks heaps ill probs buy them soon.

I bought kit buster about 2 days ago and I used it but now it’s saying “you don’t have access to this kit” and I have used it in the past. Any suggestions. Thank you!

in the assault kit could u change the scope on the heartbreaker to not a sniper scope or just give it its iron sights, the 7x scope just looks so ugly on it and is terrible

Can you add a list of the head admins and there steam profile 🙂

I have mega vip now and i would like to have super vip can i upgrade without paying the full 35$?


is the server gonna be updated soon? because I been waiting on it for a few hours


On it now.


I bought VIP about 2-3 hours ago I’m not gonna get on till I have it so Tazz if you could respond to this when I get it I will be happy to hear it


Adding kits now, just woke up 🙂 Thanks for your donation!


Ok thank you


I want to buy VIP I was just wondering how you choose your premium kit does it just show an option while buying VIP?


Nvm I bought VIP and the premium kit was the first thing ty


I just bought a premium kit about how long will it take until it Is active on my account? ING: GodlikeCOW


The answer is just a bit higher, up to 24h. I’ve just added it.


I have it now thank you


I’m interested in buying a premium kit I would just like to know how long the kit cool down is between uses


I forgot to add it on the kits page. The cooldown for Premium Kits is 20 minutes, for God Kits it’s 30 minutes.


ok thank you

Why? because all the players in *Russia serv having glitched and yes I do have too. heres the thing, the admin yesterday wrecked our base and deleted all out items and just now that i’am only raiding and killing peps he banned me for no reason. isnt it enough that he destroyed our base? lol i liked this serv and voted everyday but it seems its not worth it anymore.

also iam the only one got punished by having a glitched base. lol


Hi Emileow, I can’t agree with you on being the only one getting punished for glitching. Our ban list is bigger than 100 players and most of them are for glitching (and banning). If you read the rules, you should know glitching or hacking will get you permanently banned from our servers: If this is your first time getting banned on the server, you can apply for an unban request on the forums and we’ll most likely agree to give you a second chance. Don’t hack, don’t glitch and you will be fine. If you think that the server… Read more »

Hi i want repot of the admins they are spawn guns tanks some heli. In the rules is say admins not spawn items for players they are spawn gans and youse tp not tpa.Me and my freands like to play server now we don’t like.O it is EU2 Wasington. Sory for gamer i am not good in english.


Hi Ghost, This can’t be all true because 1) Admins can’t spawn items. Nobody can. Only Premium Kits: , which they most likely paid for 2) Vehicles can be spawned by admins, VIPs and even free players have the /kit rainbow It is not an admin feature, they have cooldowns like everyone else. Now using /tp instead of /tpa would be a big problem, I will check it right now to see if any admin used this . Update: I have checked, nobody on EU2 has used /tp (we actually use /teleport) instead of /tpa I am sorry, but… Read more »


how do i connect to the server


Hi Chris,

What kind of problems are you having?
For example, if you were to Connect to EU1 server, start Unturned, go to Servers->Connect and put:
Port: 27025

Same goes for US1
Port: 27025


hi um there is these two people in us3 that have i glitched base near the rail train it is inside that tall rock not the ones that overhang the tracks but the ones over to the side there is a way to get on there if an admin could join during 5:00 p.m. central time i could show you their base, their names are elagusvasquez and lukitas0090.



Sorry for missing your message, I believe that base was long destroyed, thank you!

TAZZ I PAYED FOR THE SUPER VIP LIKE A MONTH AGO AND IT WORKED but.. now i cant spawn vehicles everything else works exept for vehicle spawning plz fix.


Sorry about the late reply, I missed this one.
It was a temporary bug from an update, which was fixed in the meantine.

@mariusfg15:disqus could u add the workshop item “Flare guns”comment image
here are some reasons why
1. they naturally spawn in the game (they spawn at fire stations and campsites and dropped by fireman zombies).
2. the mod never has updates and still works perfectly.

here are some more screenshotscomment image comment image comment image


Seems cool, but useless.
Also I am not a fan of workshop mods, so I don’t think I will add it. mods are not reliable, updates are not announced and there is no way to auto-update.

My biggest issue is this: if a mod update is released and I am away, the players will get the update automatically. But the server cannot have automatic workshop updates, so nobody could play on the server because of this.

Game updates are the same, but at least we know it’s every friday so we know when to be online to update it.

it isnt useless it can help signal people and it is a weapon it does spash damage (its like a grenade launcher only one shot)
and it hasnt had a update in like 2 months
i think it will be a great add-on to the server
please its really cool in-game if u aren’t convinced try it out on the steam workshop
(the ammo is crafted by 1 metal scrap)


i bought a rank the assassin rank and i have not gotten it and ive been waiting a half an hour for it


The answer is on this very page.

Q5: How long does it take for my order to get processed?

A: All orders are processed manually by me, so depending on this it may take anywhere up to 24h. In most situations it’s few hours.

You should have received it by now.


is it ok to make a base on lets say an apc and then drive in to the safezone on eu3? like what can happen if i do that.


It’s fine by me

Hey so I purchased the 30$ super vip but wasnt sure how to pick the 3 premium kits I was to get…was I supposed to use the buyer note?


I got your mail, it has been fixed.

Thanks for supporting the server!

could you ask someone to unban me


You don’t seem to be banned. Are you sure you are? and if so, what is your SteamID64?

hi tazz I got banned from us2. but I dont know why. I m not a hacker, I dont even know how to hack

hey tazz could you make/change a server to “The Driftless” workshop map (its four times the size of russia) it would make vehicles valuable.


As a general rule, we stay away from Workshop maps. They’re not reliable and there is no way to auto-update. Worst thing is I can’t know when an update is published, so every time there is an update there will be a considerable period of time where players won’t be able to get on the server.

Tazz, I never said that the matamorez is bad, but its not a sniper anymore, so the kit should be changed to reflect that. P.S. I would really like to exchange the kit for another kit of equal value, I no longer find any use for it

can u help i bought the mega vip but it doesnt show up ingame

Please Help i spent $30 on it and i cant get it to work


what is the gas, builder and metal kits and what are in them


I will be adding them this weekend, sorry. I should have included the info.

ok thanks so much and if i get the mega vip can i spawn ANY vehicle every 2 min because it says that i can only spawn a car every 2 min could you clarify


Yes, that is correct. You can spawn any vehicle.

Well tazz its been a month, have an answer for the matamorez problem?


No I don’t 😀 Matamorez is still OP as hell in my opinion, not sure if I want to change anything here.

Lucas Salum

Tazz Hello, I’m trying to get into your server, unturnedLord EU3 and is a waiting list and not the authorization to go, I tried several times and other your servers and also is the same. Can you tell me what is happening? Can you help me?

Hey Tazz, recently they changed the Matamorez to be an assault rifle, and this kind of ruins the “assassin” kit for me, as it was the only sniper kit I had. Would you mind tweaking the kit to either function better as an assault-rifle class, or perhaps allow me to exchange the kit for something else? I’m guessing the second one wont be an option, but I want to be optimistic. Thanks, -Zapstone (P.S. by “tweak” I mean add more ammo for the gun / replace honey badger with pistol / add a holographic sight etc, I get that the… Read more »



Sorry for the delay, I missed your message. TBH I am not really in a rush to do any changes because the Matamorez has been Tweaked and Nerfed for many game updates and I don’t think this is the final form. If you have the patience, I recommend waiting about 2 more weeks and see if nothing changes, then we can work out a solution that will make everybody happy.

Its alright. In my opinion it seems like nelson made it pretty clear that the ekho was replacing matamorez as sniper, but I could be wrong. (even the wiki says its an assault rifle now, its range is 150, damage is 70, etc)
Anyways, I am guessing I was right in assuming that I wouldn’t be able to exchange the kit for something else?

See you in two weeks, I suppose.


Hello, This Is colbyy from us servers I am moderator vip and I bought kits my phone was stolen 2 days ago or yesterday witch means I cant login to my main steam account I have lost moderator vip everything on that account ???? witch is sad but I hope tazz that you can maybe fix it ? Like give moderator back to me and my stuff I bought


August 31, 2016, 11:40 pm


11 Posts

my steam id and stuff new one is

Hey Tazz, will you be adding yukon back at any point? It is my favourite map.



Hey Zapstone,

I think not very likely, we had a poll and the results were outstanding. Here is a screenshot of the Poll results:

Sigh, thats a shame. I just don’t see why you couldn’t replace PEI with yukon, since at this point PEI is just a smaller russia. Its alright though, ill continue to play and and donate on your servers. Have a good one.



There are 3 main reasons: – EU3/US3 were the last servers to be created – they were also the less popular than others – EU3 has pretty much always been the server for “testing” new maps. We’ve had Chalvar, Zombie World, Yukon, PEI. I’m not a big fan of changing stuff, but Russia was a big update and judging by the results of the Poll I can see a lot of people would be unhappy if we didn’t switch to it. I might try opening a Yukon server as well, altough I’m not 100% sure at this moment. Did you… Read more »

Ive played on both, i tried to connect later at night for whatever region I was connecting to so there would be less people, so I guess primarily EU.

Btw EU appears to be down.


you are not the first to report this issue, but for me it was always online. not sure why…. but I’m looking into it

Thanks Tazz. You’re a great server owner.

Oh, I figured out why people couldn’t connect, the address you needed to connect you changed from to .

Tazz there this moderator Saying were Freaking Hacking
he said ill end proof im not hacking he abuse the tpa also we were underground in us3 in the subway he didnt come down from subway he tpaed and killed us all
His name is SNIPER hes going to ban us we were barely even hacking were just good at pvp


Hey emmanuel, I’m not sure I know who you are refering to, but let’s take it one at a time 🙂 1) There is no such thing as TPA abuse? It’s either TP (teleport) abuse, when the admin teleports to you without sending request, or TPA, when the admin sends you a tpa request. That is entirely up to you if you want to accept or not, nobody can force you. So did he use TPA (with request) or TP (with no request)? 2) Mods don’t have access to /teleport, only /tpa I will check the logs, I’m sorry for… Read more »

Are they servers updated for new version yet? I cant get on


Now thet are, sorry for the delay

Tazz I bought 50$worth of stuff on unturnedlord and I don’t have kit metal kinda sad and its not in shop think u can give it to me for fee I’m big fan of server and ive donated so much 🙂 to this awesome community my steam page is



I’m sorry, but kit metal only comes with MegaVIP and SuperVIP, it’s not a sepparated kit. Meaning you can only get it if you are MegaVIP or higher.
I agree that you have donated and supported the server, but you knew exactly what you are receiving when donating and Metal Kit was not included.

Hello,i would like to buy the sniper kit with paysafe card.How i can contact you and where i will give the code.Thanks!


Hey Cipri, Add me on Steam and we can talk there. This is my profile:

Just sent you an request hope ill hear from you soon.(Cipri_xddd is my steam name)

I added you but i can’t send a message.It just don’t show the option to send you a message.

Can you please accept the request?I sent you the fr request multiple times…


I’m at work now, you can just send me an email at with the kit you want, your SteamID64 and I’ll add it. You can give me the Paysafecard code after.

Okay sir

Tazz PLease help 🙁 I want my kits 3 of them I’m big fan of server just bought them I’m vip I love this servers so much and community I have been playing unturnedlord for 3 months so far I’m a 45$ donation I gave to it I’m vip plus 3 kits and a god kit

if need steamed here it is


Just added them, sorry for delay 🙂


Tazz, I purchased Super VIP and still haven’t recieved anything please help!


Please allow up to 24h from the moment you have donated, I process all order manually. It should be done now, thanks for supporting the server!

rabbit boy

Heres One thing
i was playing Unturned doing stuff
then i checked my experience and then its like a 1000000000 something like that
I swear i wasnt hacking or anything i took a screenshot and asked if i could mail u or post it anyway hope u sort this and now days somehow more people are
spying without being a moderator or admin


Could be a bug, not sure. Anyway, don’t worry about it.


tazz you need to make russia kits if your not id love if you did



We already did, it’s on EU3 and US3.

And he did an incredible job if I do say so myself.


Thank you! 🙂

You’re welcome. I plan on buying them next time I have some spare cash.



Are you going to put Russia map on one server???

Hey tazz, my friend bought like 50 dollars worth of stuff and it’s been pending for 2 days now. Just checking if everthing is ok.

NVM its been sorted out. Thanks man.


Yep, sorry for the delay.


Why is eu 2 offf ?


Sorry for the inconvenience, it didn’t reset automatically. They’re now up.

Yolo Potato

Hey! I need a little help I usually play on the eu1 server but since I live in the us I wanna play on the us1 but if I do will I keep all my kits and rewards?


Do you mean kits and VIP which you donated for or won them in giveaways contests? If so, then yes, they are for all servers.

Yolo Potato

Yes that is what I meant thanks

eu2 is offline


Thanks for the heads-up, I have restarted it. Not sure why it crashed.


Hey can you help me guys! i voted on you eu1 server on pei but when i went to /reward it said you haven’t voted i waited but it didn’t fix can someone please help?


Hey Mr. Duck, I will check today if there is anything wrong with the API Keys. Just to be sure, did you vote using the same Steam account that you play on?


Yes i was logged in the same account i play on

i bougt Mega vip and 2 friends off me bought kits but how long it takes i send 4 paysafecards in steam my steamname is rubenwink and i send it to tazz


I was at work, dealing with it now.


Hey, I Donated for Super Vip and a god kit about 3 days ago now and i was wondering if there was a mistake in the steam id64 i gave you.

Here is my steam id64 (double checked this)
and my email is


Fixed! You should remove your private info (email address)

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