Buildings wiped and other news

Buildings wiped and other news

Hey guys, long time since I posted here, but I guess we should keep the important news mentioned on the website until we have a better community section (I’m already working on it, but it might take some time until it will be ready).


Map wipe on EU1,2,3 and US1,2,3

As you might have noticed, we wiped all buildings today on the mentioned servers. We haven’t wiped them since September 2016, so there were many ruined bases which were lagging the server and dropping FPS.
Your inventory as well as vault has been saved, so at least some of your loot has been saved. This decision wasn’t taken by me alone, but we had a Poll on the website where you too probably voted. To remove any suspicions, here’s a screenshot of the results.
Buildings wiped and other news


Kit Updates

  • Kit Sniper – added Military Muzzle, so you can safely shoot at night without light revealing your location.
  • Kit Rainbow – added a Hang Glider
  • Kit Attachements – added Military Nightvision
  • Kit Ranger and Hitman – replaced secondary weapon with Scalar

Some of these changes are new, from today, others are slightly older so you may have been already aware of them.


Staff Application

In case you missed it, you can now apply to become a Moderator or get a rank upgrade to Admin or even Head Admin. Here is the link to the application form.
The application will probably remain open for a long time, and we will check and decide who gets to become part of the Staff every Sunday, starting tomorrow.


Discord Server

Not something really new, but it’s worth being mentioned here as not all of you guys have joined it. We’ve opened a Discord Server for our community, so far it seems be a good way to communicate with other players and the staff. It’s also great because you can see which admins are online, so if you have a problem you can contact them straight away there.
If you want to join it, here’s the invitation link.


Added new game tags

As you noticed already, we’ve added name tags in game for everyone who donated. The ranks are:

  • [Donor] – players who have at least 1 Premium or God kit
  • [VIP], [MegaVIP], [SuperVIP] – they’re pretty self explanatory
  • [Mod], [Admin], [Head Admin] – they are for staff only, they will also replace the donation ranks.
    This means a SuperVIP who became a Mod, will not be [SuperVIP][Mod]player_name, but just [Mod]player_name

These tags don’t have any other purpose in game except visual, it’s to easily identify who donated and what for. Colors weren’t really useful for new players who were just confused to see them.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment and we’ll get back at you.

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