More Mods and some Kits Updates

More Mods and some Kits Updates

As mentioned on our previous update, we were going to recruit 5 more mods from the current and new applications. There has been a delay in announcing the new mods, sorry about that. We also used this extra time to allow new applications and updates to existing ones.

How we picked the new Mods

In case you’re not aware of how the recruitment process works, I’ll briefly describe it again.
We (Tazz, xhamace, Killerturcky) all went through the applications and each of us voted for the ones he considered the best. At the end, we counted the votes from each of us, those who got most votes from us became mods.

I didn’t get Mod. Why?

A lot of you asked me why you were not selected to become a mod, even though you are active, have played for a long time and some of you even donated for the server. The reason is not because we didn’t like your application, but because at least 5 other people had better applications than you.

Don’t despair if you weren’t selected, there will be other chances to apply and become moderators. If you want more feedback on it feel free to comment below.

Who are the new Mods and Admins

Without further introductions, here are our 5 new mods:

and one of our previous mods who got removed for inactivity decides to come back:

I’m sorry for everyone who applied and didn’t get picked, unfortunately we can’t recruit everyone. In time, we’ll open new slots so you’ll be welcome to give it a try then.

Kits Updates

All Free Kits

  • lowered cooldown to 10 minutes (instead of 20m)

Kit Rifle

  • Added Makeshift Muffler x2

Kit Sniper

  • Added 2 more Low Caliber Military Ammunition Crates (now 4 instead of 2)
  • Added Vertical Grip

Kit Soldier

  • Added 2 Military Fragmentation Magazines

Kit Ranger

  • Added Military Barrel

Kit Assault

  • Added Military Barrel

Kit Terrorist

  • Added Makeshift Muffler

Kit Stalker

  • Added Military Nightvision

Kit Attachements (for SuperVIP only)

  • Added 8x Scope
  • Added Dot Sight
  • Added 16x Scope

That’s it for now, let me know if you have any other suggestions in the comments.

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