Poll Results: Removing flying vehicles on EU1 and US1

Poll Results: Removing flying vehicles on EU1 and US1

After a long wait, we’ve finally been able to implement what we’ve been planning for some time: removing the ability to spawn flying vehicles and tanks for everyone. At the moment it’s only a test, so it has been implemented only on 2 servers: EU1 and US1

Main changes:

  1. Kits will now spawn with attachments included on weapons
  2. Flying vehicles and Tanks have been removed on EU1 and US1 (all the other servers will continue to have access to flying vehicles)
  3. We’ve set a limit of 5 Group Members online for each server (number might be adjusted in the future)
  4. Kit rainbow was removed

You may wonder why did we want to make such serious changes. Here’s why:

1) Kits with attachments included is self explanatory, no extra seconds should be lost in the middle of a battle. Spawn a kit and you’re ready to go!

2) Due to the fact that the overall player base is slowly decreasing, we tried to identify the main problem of our servers. After discussing with both players and staff members, we believed the main reason people stop playing is because there’s nothing to strive for in the long run, building a base has become redundant. Most players will no longer build a base, kits and vault are enough if you just want to PvP.

So we decided to bring base building back, the main reason players stopped doing it is because it takes much more time to build one than it takes for it to get raided. It’s disappointing to see your base getting raided in less than an hour, after you have invested many more to build it. Once a base is discovered, it’s impossible to defend it against raiders. They would continuously come back at your base using planes or helicopters.

To test if this is indeed the problem, we’ve chosen both servers on PEI, because it’s the smallest map. Removing flying vehicles here will have a lower impact than removing them on Russia or Hawaii. Hopefully in about 1 month we will see many more active bases on these servers.

This is also the desire of the majority of players who voted on the public poll. We owe it to them and to ourselves to try this.
Poll Results: Removing flying vehicles on EU1 and US1

3) Big groups are overpowered, they can totally ruin the whole experience of everyone else playing on the server. With commands like /tpa, it’s almost impossible to win against them, so we are trying to bring some balance by limiting the maximum number of group members online.

It’s too soon to know if 5 is the right number, but we might slightly adjust this number in the near future.

4) Kit rainbow was temporarily removed because it’s the easiest way to glitch inside a sky base. We might replace it with a different kit available to everyone that spawns a plane or helicopter.


What’s next?

We are going to add a command to automatically max your skills, we just need to test the cooldown more in order to not make the EXP completely useless. The plan is to have cooldown on the command, so you should only use it when you need it, and not completely remove the EXP.

Also an ingame shop and currency is coming, you will be able to get credits in game for being active, killing other players and zombies, then use those credits to buy items and maybe even vehicles. More on that later.

Let us know what you think about the current changes and if you have any other suggestions or feedback in the comment section.

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add that command to automatically max your skills pls ! that good idea

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